ABC Animal pastel Baby Quilt


This gorgeous ABC Animal pastel baby quilt is by far our best seller and will surely become a family heirloom.  Each letter has an appliqued animal beside it and the border has a lovely collection of different fabrics to make up a patchwork design.  It doubles up as a Playmat to put on the floor or a wall hanging to put on the wall.  It also looks lovely on a single bed. It measures 115cm x 90cm and has a polyfibre filling.

Product Description

This beautiful ABC Animal pastel baby quilt is a work of art.  The letters and animals are appliqued onto the material and then handquilted around.   The border is a series of different patchwork materials.  As with all our baby quilts these have been made for us by a very talented group of ladies in the Philippines that we have been lucky to work with for many years.

Material: Cotton, Polycotton and Polyfibre filling
Packaging: Sealed in a plastic bag.

Additional Information

Weight 0.650 kg
Dimensions 90 × 2 × 115 cm
Product ID:animal-abc-pastel-baby-quilt.