My Calendar fabric Wall Hanging Blue


Learn the days of the week, months of the year, what weather it is today, what year it is.  This My Calendar blue fabric Wall Hanging is by far our best selling wall hanging.  Children use it every day to change the velcro inserts and learn about today!   The years go up to 2025.

Product Description

This blue My Calendar fabric Wall Hanging is such a fun and educational way to learn all about the days of the week, months and years.  So much to do on a daily basis and the little inserts are all beautifully embroidered and bright.  It measures approximately 62cm long x 32cm wide and comes with a hanging loop hung from a wooden pole.  The only years we have are 2024 and 2025 but you can easily make more out of card and velcro!

Materials:   Poly cotton with a polyfibre wadding
Packaging:  Sealed in a plastic bag

Additional Information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 32 × 2 × 62 cm
Product ID:my-calendar-fabric-wall-hanging-blue.